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The core funders invest in the future of Shropshire through financing the work of this Partnership. What could be more productive than investment into an organisation that works to develop the local economy, promote a positive regional and national identity for the county and also deliver valuable marketing gains to the investors own company?

Without tangible results and clear evidence of value for money, core investments would soon be lost and it is therefore, strong affirmation to the effectiveness and productivity of the Partnership that, to date, the founding core funders have continued their investments - with new investors attracted year on year.



  • Membership of the only public/private sector partnership in Shropshire which has a growing national reputation and local political influence
  • Connection to the broad membership base for consultation and information
  • Commercial intelligence and networking with associated professionals at business events, forums and seminars
  • Editorial features on and off line
  • Attachment of the corporate brand to a highly valued organisation with high levels of corporate social responsibility Sponsorship opportunities for a wide range of business and cultural events and programmes.


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