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Project Director: Fay Easton

The lead project for Start Up Enterprise Partnership since 2004 has been the development and growth of co working business hubs.

In 2005, The Rural Regeneration Zone [Advantage West Midlands] signalled its commitment to the growing numbers of home-workers in Shropshire by agreeing funding of £450,000 towards this innovative new project, designed by the county's leading enterprise partnership.

Home working, freelance self employed consultants and contractors, mobile entrepreneurs and micro business start ups in the UK continue to increase at an annual rate of 18% and by 2015 it is estimated that one third of the British workforce will either run a business from home or be spending part of the working week based in an office at home. SHROPSHIRE will make economic capital from these predictions as the out commute decreases and indigenous business growth flourishes. ENTERPRISE HUBS and Start Up Enterprise Partnership actively support all forms of START UP, an entrepreneurial ventures in the locality while providing access to support and funding for young, would-be, entrepreneurs.


  1. ENQUIRING MIND - the very first quality of an entrepreneur іѕ tο look beyond the ‘obvious'. Then back hunches with analytical research to formulate the next big idea
  2. Next comes the passion to do new things and to pursue that passion
  3. An entrepreneur is a risk taker but a vital quality οf аnу entrepreneur іѕ to make the choice armed with facts to support the instinct
  4. An entrepreneur hаѕ аn uncanny habit οf looking at ideas frοm different angles
  5. Against popular convention that an entrepreneur is a lone player - a true entrepreneur is a brilliant team member and knows how to pick the best people to have on side - then reward them well
  6. An entrepreneur іѕ a prolific networker and knows thе values οf connections, both on and off line
  7. An entrepreneur lіkеѕ to keep up to date with gadgets, technology & trends
  8. An entrepreneur can value small things and whilst recognises the price, knows the intrinsic value of products
  9. An entrepreneur іѕ a multi dimensional character finding restoration in all things creative
  10. An entrepreneur іѕ never beaten bу failures. Getting up again is the key to their success


"There are thousands of artists, designers, IT professionals, accountants and retailers running successful operations from home studios and offices ALL OVER Shropshire. These enterprising individuals are boosting the area's economy and having a positive impact on the environment as they avoid the daily commute to a corporate base. Through our Enterprise HUB project we will help these enterprising individuals as well as inspiring new business start-ups."
Fay Easton, Projects Director, Start Up Enterprise Partnership

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