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Start Up Enterprise Partnership


The Start Up Enterprise Partnership is led by local people, a community business operating as a social enterprise.


This not for profit company works tirelessly to ‘put Telford & Shropshire on the map’ and help the small and micro businesses and the market towns in this area.

The Start Up Enterprise Partnership is an organisation with an 18 year history and national acclaim for its award winning work in the field of ‘people led’ regeneration, marketing and economic development. We deliver exciting projects and since its inception in 1997, the Partnership has been unrelenting in its pursuance of a better economy to make better lives for the people who live here.

The Start Up Enterprise Partnership is based in TELFORD in an Enterprise Hub and is supported by generous and entrepreneurial neighbours, THE TTC GROUP.


The design of our logo is inspired by The Darwin Gate in Shrewsbury, the commemorative public art unveiled in 2004 to celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin in Shropshire (12th February 1809)
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